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Merletto Antique

The Merletto Collection, meaning lace, is crafted using a delicate glaze over rich, black clay. The pattern is inspired by handmade, antique Italian lace that is hand-pressed into the ceramic prior to the application of the glaze. The beautiful, vintage design, elegant colors and intricate details all combine to create a unique and charming table setting. Handmade in Italy.
Peltro Pewter Charger

13 inches

Merletto Antique Charger

12.25 inches

Merletto Antique Pasta Bowl

9.25 inches

Merletto Antique Cereal Bowl

7.25 inches

Merletto Antique Mug

5 inches tall

Merletto Antique Square Platter

13.75 inches

Merletto Antique Scalloped Pitcher

88 ounces, 12.5 inches