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Wisteria 5x7 Photo Frame

Wisteria 5x7 Photo Frame

By Michael Aram

Quantity: $100.00

The Wisteria Collection takes its inspiration from the intricacies of form and texture found in foliage from around the world.

"For me, the shapes conjure a sense of freshness and fragility. At the same time the textures represent a metaphor for life itself...growth, vitality, pulsation. I love the spontaneity of the twists and turns of the vines. Because each piece in individually hand sculpted and assembled, the organic nature of the design is enhanced further. It was challenging to achieve an overall order and balance in the composition of these pieces with shapes which are inherently asymmetrical and random." Michael Aram

5 x 7 photo, 9.5" x 7.5"; Nickelplate