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Mediterranean Jasmine Petite AirEssence

Mediterranean Jasmine Petite AirEssence

By Agraria

Quantity: $47.00

Exact miniatures of Agraria's large AirEssenceâ„¢, the Individually Boxed Petites are perfect gifts and an excellent way to add a spot of fragrance to your home or office.

As the AirEssenceâ„¢ is absorbed by the reeds, the fragrance will permeate your environment and can be increased by the frequency of turning the reeds. Because Agraria uses only the finest essential oils and add no alcohol, you can expect to enjoy their AirEssenceâ„¢ for up to a year.
Agraria AirEssenceâ„¢ is recognized as the longest lasting reed diffuser on the market.

1.7 ounces